Remodel Budget & Timeline Expectations



We know first hand how important pre-planning is in the remodeling process. All below timelines and pricing are based on company costs and data from historical projects. These are all purely averages, for each project varies greatly due to layout changes (if any), product and material selections, and overall scope of work. This is why the design process is so significant.

These ranges are due to each project being entirely unique, and are meant to give a rough idea of where different types of remodels generally fall if you hire our company to complete them. All below prices are lump sum, which means the cost includes every piece of the puzzle needed to complete the remodel unless otherwise noted as a contingency in the contract, or a change order requested by the client.

Kitchen Remodel Infographic(2).png

Master Bathroom Remodel Infographic(2).png

Full Bathroom Remodel Infographic(3).png

Half Bathroom Remodel Infographic(1).png

Interior Remodel Infographic(2).png

Basement Finishing_Remodel Infographic(3).png

Additions Infographic(3).png