I need more space in my home, what do i do?:

declutter and remodel

Wow you have a HUGE need for some more space! I know it's probably hard to envision what that could look like but that's what we're here for! We can analyze your space and suggest where structural changes can be made, or space can be added. Expanding a space can mean knocking out the wall of that unused bedroom or turning your walk-in pantry into a large kitchen area. In some cases, it may even be best to create a whole new area specifically for the family to entertain guests. Does that mean basement finishing or creating an addition? Whatever that means for you, your local Design Build Company can assist. If you’re in Cleveland Ohio, Odell Construction has a form that can help get the process started before your custom consultation.

While we are designing your new home, we want to emphasize the importance of making sure that all your things fit your new space. Now is a wonderful time to take inventory of what you have, so when you begin your list, you can visualize what needs to be done.

We recommend that you utilize a step by step program, like Declutter & Defend. Why? Well for starters, you get lifetime access to the on-demand programming. This means, when you want to go through your things again… maybe in a few years from now OR maybe you get inspired once your new space is finished. Well, now you have the step by step instructions to follow every single time.

Step by step:

1)      Complete this form to inform us of your vision, you will then be prompted to fill out a project exploration form that will help Odell understand your wants and needs in order to get the ball rolling. The project exploration is a way to express what you are looking for before the process begins. Through an emailed survey, share wants, needs and pain points with the listening ear of the Odell team before the onsite consult.

2)      The on-site consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss your project more in-depth to get a better idea of the possibilities that can enhance functionality in the home. A trusted team member will take note of priorities for the renovation and help you formulate a plan to put them into practice. You can learn more about the rest of the Design Build process here.

3)      Assess if all of your things fit in your space. If not, now is the time to declutter and get rid of the excess. Jenna Thibault, Intentional Living Consultant and creator of Declutter & Defend is our go-to expert. She offers 1-on-1 declutter assistance live AND virtual in addition to her on-demand self-service program Declutter & Defend Watch this video to get started, “6 steps to declutter your first small space”. Eliminating that extra clutter will give your new space a cleaner feel and will inevitably make you space more usable, and that is what we are all going for right? Oh yeah, and this program is totally DIY which we know you’ll love.

Wherever you are in your journey, we look forward to working with you.

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About the Authors:


Jenna Raus is the Business Development Manager for Odell Construction located in Westlake Ohio. Odell is Implementing an environment that fosters constant analysis, effective listening, communication, and innovation to establish a solid foundation for impeccable quality of work and expert home advice, propelling the industry into a higher benchmark of building solutions.

Jenna Raus

As an intentional living consultant, Jenna Thibault helps successful professionals throughout the U.S. learn how to live life with less stress. Jenna teaches her clients that to be truly stress free your physical space must mirror how you desire your mental space to look…uncluttered & organized. Jenna understands the hustle of your busy lifestyle which is what makes her so different than what you’ve seen before, she is not a professional organizer that’s going to come to your home for hours each day. Instead all lessons are bite-sized, self-study, and affordable, they are designed to optimize your time + effort, so you can spend your time where it really counts.

Jenna Thibault