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Planning and Designing your new space


Have a project in mind but not sure where to start? Making upgrades to your space is important for quality of life. A home project is a huge investment of time and resources and having someone to rely on is priority one. Put your mind at ease, Odell has been trusted for nearly 10 years to take care of the process from concept to completion



The initial project exploration is a way to express what you are looking for before the process begins. Through an emailed survey, share your wants, needs and pain points with the listening ear of the Odell Team.

It’s a great way for you to express your wants and needs before the onsite consult and will produce the best use of your time. The Odell team will respond to all inquiries in as little as two business days.


Once the on-site consultation is scheduled you will be able to explain your project more in-depth and get a better idea of the possibilities that can enhance functionality in the home. You will develop a list of wants and needs with a trusted team member and can further discuss the intended investment amount.


Within 2 weeks after the consultation a ball park estimate will be emailed. The ball park Estimate is just what it sounds like; once the final finish materials and selections are complete, a more complete estimate will be sent over for final approval.



After signing a design agreement and putting down a design retainer of 3-5%, the fun part begins. See your vision come to life, through careful planning and collaboration with an experienced designer. The designer is there to listen to all of you wants and needs and will discuss with you the color palette and style intended.

A set of drawings will be created for you to review and discuss. The sky is the limit with your design. Odell’s elite design services are dedicated to creating a space that will allow clients to live comfortably and function more effectively while expressing their own personal style.


Construction Begins

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Construction Drawings:

Once the schematic drawings are complete, a final set of 3d renderings is developed as well as a more detailed set of drawings. You will also complete your final material selections, review the final construction contract and address any concerns you may have.

Once the final quote is agreed upon, the price of the remodel remains the same unless you produce a change order. Keep in mind that clients are never obligated to move forward with project development once the design phase is complete.

Project Development:

This phase is dedicated to pulling permits, creating a schedule and making purchase orders. The expectations, timeline and phases are always communicated to give you the confidence needed to move forward.


The construction crew are on a set schedule and you will always know when they will be there. This is a major difference from competitors as, Odell has their own team and on the rare occasion that services must be contracted out, it is with a trusted partner that you can rely on. Other companies who contract out all their services will fit you in when they have the time and there can be long time periods where work is not being completed, inevitably extending the timeline of your project. Your comfort is top priority and knowing that there is a team you can rely on will help to ease the pain of living through a remodel.



Let's keep in touch! For added peace of mind, you will be contacted several months after the project is complete to assure quality and satisfaction. If you have had a great experience and want to be helpful for those seeking services in the future, please leave a review online.

Client opinions are always welcomed and encouraged. When it comes to renovations, Elite Design, Superior Craftsmanship and Rooted Reputation are what sets Odell apart from the rest.