2019 NARI Cleveland Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards

Part of our award-winning team

Part of our award-winning team


Congratulations to the Odell Team!



The 2019 Contractor of the Year awards hosted by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) of Greater Cleveland were held at the Westin hotel in downtown Cleveland on Friday, March 15. Once again, this annual event was one to remember!

All awards are anonymously judged by industry professionals outside of the Cleveland area in order to have a fair and unbiased judging process.

Odell won the following awards:

1st Place Residential Bath $15-30K
1st Place Residential Bath $30-45K
1st Place Residential Kitchen $45-60K
2nd Place Residential Interior $100-175K

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See more details on the projects here!

Awards are judged with the following criteria in mind…

  1. Clients needs and desires

    • What were the clients needs/pain points and how were they met?

  2. Enhancing existing structure functionality

    • Functional floor plan and good traffic flow

    • Adequate counter space and work areas

    • Was safety and lighting addressed?

    • Use of functional materials

  3. Enhancing existing structure aesthetically

    • Met the following design criteria: line & rhythm, continuity & repetition, texture, color & contrast, symmetry & balance, and emphasis

  4. Evidence of superior craftsmanship

    • Mouldings? Woodwork? Cabinetry? Stone? Glass?

  5. Innovative uses of materials/methods of construction

  6. Overcoming any difficult obstacles

    • What were the obstacles encountered?

    • How did the contractor creatively overcome them?

Congratulations to all other award winners!