Declutter and Recreate

Declutter and Recreate your space

So you’re ready to take the next step in refreshing your home and taking back your space!

OK, first things first, which scenario below do you identify with the most?



Sure, my home could probably use a refresh, but if I’m being honest I have a bigger problem to tackle first and that is the amount of things in my home. My grandmother always said, “everything in its place” but I’m running out of space for all my things. I know that means I probably have too many things vs. not enough space, but I’m not sure how to choose what to keep and what to get rid of. In fact, I tried a small space and it became really overwhelming for me and I felt exhausted.

Settled in:

I have no idea what I want to do but I know that things are getting out of control. I have the time and money and I need to get this under control. I work from home, take care of my parents or have a large family and I really need a better living solution without moving. I’m just really hurting for space.

How to reorganize your home


I have lots of ideas of what I want to do but I can’t seem to settle on one idea. I need someone to walk me through the process because I have the ability and time to dream but need a push to take the next step. I want someone to listen to what I want and help me make it happen.

Planning a Remodel

Busy Body:

I don’t have the time to figure it out but I know that something needs done. I am prepared to invest financially but I lack the time and energy required to plan and execute. I’m looking to simplify my space and/or find a creative solution to expand and organize. Looking at things on counters or in corners really gets the best of me and I’m just too busy to deal with it.


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Jenna Raus is the Business Development Manager for Odell Construction located in Westlake Ohio. Odell is Implementing an environment that fosters constant analysis, effective listening, communication, and innovation to establish a solid foundation for impeccable quality of work and expert home advice, propelling the industry into a higher benchmark of building solutions.
As an intentional living consultant, Jenna Thibault helps successful professionals throughout the U.S. learn how to live life with less stress. Jenna teaches her clients that to be truly stress free your physical space must mirror how you desire your mental space to look…uncluttered & organized. Jenna understands the hustle of your busy lifestyle which is what makes her so different than what you’ve seen before, she is not a professional organizer that’s going to come to your home for hours each day. Instead all lessons are bite-sized, self-study, and affordable, they are designed to optimize your time + effort, so you can spend your time where it really counts.