Our Process



Initial Project Exploration

Phase 1:  Phone and/or Email Consult

Help us understand you and your project, values, expectations, and overall goals for the renovation. We are here to help develop a solution to best meet your pain points, and feel the best way to begin understanding your goals is through an initial conversation where we go through several questions together.

Phase 2:  On-Site Visit

With an on site visit we are able to take necessary measurements and further discuss the details of the project in order to provide a ballpark cost for the renovation. We request that clients develop a list of “wants” and “must haves”, an idea of types of materials that may be chosen, and prioritize elements within the remodel to discuss during the consultation. This allows us to help in suggesting solutions that will best meet your pain points.

We also feel it is important to discuss an intended investment amount for the project. Often times, a budget and scope of work are set without truly considering how they fit together. We recommend first deciding upon an investment amount for the project so that we may help tailor a building solution to best fit your needs and investment amount, as well as help in lending suggestions to keep within that investment amount. It becomes difficult to offer suitable suggestions and solutions for a project without having an idea of what range a client would like to invest in the project.


Phase 1:  Schematic Drawings

With schematic drawings, we are able to give a very basic conceptual visualization of the project. This process allows a client to see a simple representation of the finished project so that we can work to find a design to best fit their needs and solve pain points.

Phase 2:  Construction Drawings

This more detailed phase of design works through material selections and a final design in order to provide a set of construction drawings along with accurate job costing information. Upon approval of final design, material selections, and final estimate, we proceed to executing a construction contract. 

The design process does not obligate you to hire us for the construction, but is the only way for us to give an accurate estimate should you decide to proceed with a construction contract unless a client provides construction drawings with material selections. The fee for the design agreement varies depending on project type and scope of work. The purpose of the fee is to cover the expenses associated with the drawings and final estimate process.

Project Development

These are the final steps to make sure everything is in order to begin construction. We will finalize details of the project scope, design, and materials. A project schedule is developed, the permit process begins, and a pre-construction meeting between our team and the client takes place to make sure everyone is on the same page and to address any questions or concerns either one may have.


Let’s begin making dreams into a reality!

We feel communication is a very important aspect of a remodel, which is why we keep clients in the loop every step of the way. There will be several check-in points where we meet with clients to be sure there are no questions or concerns, and if there are, they can be addressed immediately. As exciting as it is, we know that living through a remodel can also be very stressful. Our job is to make it as easy as possible, which is why we have a process in place that allows us to do just that!