Making upgrades to a space is important for promoting quality of life within your home. Renovating is a huge investment of time and resources, so having someone to rely on is priority one. Put your mind at ease, as Odell has been trusted for nearly 10 years to take care of the process from concept to completion.


The initial project exploration is a way to express what you are looking for before the process begins. Through an emailed survey, share wants, needs and pain points with the listening ear of the Odell team before the onsite consult in order to produce the best use of your time. All inquiries are responded to in as little as two business days.


The on-site consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss your project more in-depth to get a better idea of the possibilities that can enhance functionality in the home. A trusted team member will take note of priorities for the renovation, and can further discuss the intended investment amount.
A ball park estimate will be emailed within 2 weeks after the meeting, and is just what it sounds like. Its purpose is to provide an approximate range of where the renovation may fall based on discussions through the initial project exploration and on-site consult. Once the final selections and scope of work are complete, a fixed-price estimate will be presented.


The design agreement will require a retainer of 3-5% of the ballpark estimate, and then the fun part begins. Through careful planning and collaboration with an experienced designer who will discuss color palette, intended style, and functionality requirements, your vision will come to life in a set of preliminary drawings to review and discuss.
Odell’s elite design services are dedicated to creating a space that will allow clients to live comfortably and function more effectively while expressing their own personal style; the sky is the limit!
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