Step 3: Design

This is arguably one of the most crucial steps in the process, where we begin developing a space that up until now has only been expressed into words, is now visually coming to life. Careful planning, communication, and collaboration with clients throughout design ensures laying the proper foundation for a successful project.

The design process does not obligate you to hire us for the construction of the project, however is the only way for us to give an accurate cost analysis should you decide to proceed with a construction contract because we provide fixed-cost contracts. We are also able to provide final cost analysis if the client provides construction drawings with material selections already made.

The retainer for the design agreement varies depending on project type and scope of work, but typically ranges between 3-5% of the overall investment amount for the project. The purpose of this retainer is to cover expenses associated with the drawings, interior design assistance, and the final estimate process. This retainer is incorporated back into the overall project cost should you decide to proceed with the construction contract. If you choose to not follow through with construction, the retainer is nonrefundable, however you will have ownership of the drawings.

Design Phase 1: Schematic Drawings

With schematic drawings, we are able to give a very conceptual visualization of the project. This process allows a client to see a simple representation of the finished project so that we can work to find a design to best fit your needs and solve pain points. Once the client has chosen a design and layout option, we will make final tweaks, and some initial selections for finish material. This allows us to look at a more accurate final cost of the project, usually within 10%, and out of the ballpark estimate arena.

Design Phase 2: Construction Drawings

Upon approval of this more accurate final cost from Design Phase Part 1, we are now able to move toward developing a final scope of work for the project that includes 3-D renderings. This phase is more detailed and works through final material selections and a final design in order to provide a set of construction drawings. After completing any investigation holes, we will also bring subcontractors and/or trades on-site to ensure we are providing accurate final costs for the project’s entirety.

Throughout design, we will collaborate with you during scheduled on-site and office visits for product and material selections, space layout, scope of work, and view 3-D renderings and drawings. Upon approval of final design, material selections, and final cost analysis, we will then provide a fixed-price, lump sum contract of the project from start to finish. If all is approved by client, a construction contract is signed and project development begins.

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Step 4: Project Development

These are the final steps to make sure everything is in order to begin construction. We will finalize details of the project scope, design, and materials. A project schedule is developed, the permit process begins, and a pre-construction meeting between our team and the client takes place to ensure everyone is on the same page, and to address any questions or concerns either party may have. Mutually setting these expectations creates the baseline for open communication during construction. Once the appropriate forms and sign-offs have been approved, we are ready to transform your space.