Tips to go Green on Your Next Remodel

Thinking of remodeling your home?

Consider going Green!

If you are like most Home Owners; being green is something that is on your mind, whether it be about saving on energy costs or simply being more environmentally conscious. Going green can also have many other benefits including tax abatements and incentives from local and federal government. When going green on your next remodel, here are some great options you can consider.

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Enlist a Green Designer

Finding the right designer can be difficult but is incredibly important. You will need to seek out someone who will pay close attention to your needs/wants list and will apply them to your new space. Finding someone who is Green conscious becomes important here as they will share your same enthusiasm and vision. But most importantly, the two of you must get along as it will make the process much less painful!

Geo Thermal Heating

Video Source: Climate Master

Geothermal Heat systems were invented in the 1940s, thus not really a new idea. Geothermal heat pulls renewable energy from the earth and pulls it through your home. Because it uses a natural heat source, one can save 40-60% less on utility bills. Plus! Properly installed systems are rated to last at least 4x longer than traditional forced air. If you want to read more about Geothermal heat click here.

Bamboo in the Home

Image Source:  US floors

Image Source: US floors

Bamboo has been known to grow 2-3 feet per day, making it a highly renewable resource. The presence of bamboo in the home can add an element of elegance and beauty. The upkeep is similar to wood however; it is slightly more durable. When considering bamboo flooring, one must also consider the VOCs emitted in it’s production. Some great info on bamboo is available here.

Radiant Floor Heat

Image Source:  Ditra Heat

Image Source: Ditra Heat

Underfloor heat reduces the risk of allergy triggers from forced air. When utilizing underfloor heat one can heat a room more efficiently and reduce green house gasses. When choosing underfloor heat options, our go to is usually Schluter Ditra.

Solar Roof

Images Source:  Tesla Roof

Images Source: Tesla Roof

Launched in 2016, the Tesla Solar Roof claims to pay for itself by virtually eliminating your electric bills. Tesla offers a very stylish take on the traditional Solar Panel. Due to its popularity, one may need to be placed on a waiting list so be sure to plan in advance if you want to take advantage of this product.

Use Reclaimed

Image Source:  Metheny Weir

Image Source: Metheny Weir

Reclaimed items in the home offer a rustic appeal while saving space in the landfill while adding a touch of history to your home. If you are ever in the Rocky River area; I would suggest you check out Mehtany Weir for tips and advice on how to upcycle your old furniture.

Composite Decking

Image Source:  Trex Composite Decking

While traditional wood can splinter and rot, composite decking is quite the opposite. It is made of a mix of waste wood, cellulose and plastic, resulting in a more durable material with less maintenance required. On the Green side, it uses waste to create something new and beautiful while saving a tree.

Rain Barrel

While saving on water resources, rain barrels are also cost effective and easy to install. You can use the water you collect for your plants as a higher quality water source. Check out this link for instructions on how to install a rain barrel. Before installing one of these, make sure to check local rules and regulations on if rain barrels are permitted in your neighborhood.

On Demand Water Heater

On-demand water heaters heat your water without a holding tank. Since the heat is on demand, it will save you the extra cash and energy output. An on-demand water heater is a larger initial investment but will pay off with its use. Though the on-demand system is eco-friendly, it has been said that it limits the output flow. I can personally attest that this is not the case. While on a vacation to Jamaica, our Airbnb had one of these and I did not notice a huge difference. Pay attention to which model you are going for because some types will offer you a $300 tax rebate through the federal government.

Image Source:  Recycled Glass

Image Source: Recycled Glass

Invented in 1996, recycled counter tops are made from old windshields, glass bottles, sea shells and porcelain. Similar to Quartz, the concoction is crushed and combined with a resin or cement base and poured into a form. Because it is made of glass, it is very easy to maintain and due to the nature of production is very durable. The most popular style counter tops come in Homogeneous Glass and Terrazzo Style.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that going green means you have to be uncomfortable or out of style but, green remodeling your home doesn’t have to be painful. The most important thing to remember is that your needs must be met within the space. Be sure to take into consideration your pain points and specific goals before considering any upgrade or product.

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