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Written by Dumpsters.com staff writer Bretton Keenan, the Odell team was once again given the privilege of helping contribute some of their expert design knowledge.

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1. Contrasting Colors

Dark cabinet colors are a design choice carried over from last year, giving a dramatic and luxurious feel to the heart of the home. Popular kitchen cabinet color trends in 2019 include black, navy, emerald and plum. But be careful not to use too many dark colors. If done wrong, they can overpower the room and make the space feel dreary. Try brightening the room up by mixing in another, lighter color.

Dark, bold cabinets such as grays and blues are still in, but two-toned cabinets have become quite a hit in the kitchen. Two-toned cabinets make a statement with bold base cabinets and/or islands, while making the kitchen appear spacious with light wall cabinets.
— Lindsey Breuler, Interior Designer, Odell Construction Inc.

2. Appliances That Stand Out

In 2018, not only did we see cabinets that made a statement, but they were also paired with dark appliances to match. The kitchen appliance trends of 2019 are making just as big of a splash, but this year it’s with pops of color. 

Think contrast and unique. If you’re going with dark cabinet colors, try white appliances, or another lighter color to contrast. If you have white or lighter cabinets, try the opposite.

Kitchen design experts say to move away from stainless steel, because it will begin to make your kitchen feel outdated. When we say be a trend-setter, we really mean it. Go for a bright red fridge or a classic-looking stove with rose gold accents.

We understand you may be hesitant to take the plunge on this fad when you see the price tag tacked on to your cool new fridge. But because these are such big investments, statement appliances are not likely to go out of style as future kitchen trends come into play. 

3. Technology in the Kitchen

Kitchen automation with a purpose has carried over from 2018. Last year, we recommended, above all else, to invest in a touch faucet. This makes it easy to turn on the water with essentially any body part to avoid turning the knobs with your messy hands.

Even if you’re not building an entirely new kitchen, smart kitchen trends can easily be added to make cooking and cleaning a little easier. Here are some other kitchen automation ideas to consider in 2019:

  • Smart lighting: With smart light bulbs, simply tell your kitchen lights to turn on and off, or control them from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Brainy coffee maker: Wouldn’t it be nice if your coffee was already made and waiting for you in the morning? Use a WeMo switch or other smart plug to control your regular coffee maker from your phone.

  • Bluetooth meat thermometer: These Bluetooth thermometers pair with your phone so you don’t have to check the grill every five minutes.

  • LG HomeChat: With the LG HomeChat, you can text your appliances to set the timer on the oven or adjust the temperature in your fridge and freezer.

  • Smart refrigerators: Use interior cameras in your smart refrigerator to see what you need to get from the store while roaming the grocery aisles, and set expiration dates to receive notifications to use food while it’s still fresh.

  • Touchable stovetops: These induction cooktops use electromagnetic fields to turn your pots and pans into a heat source for cooking. This leaves the rest of your stove cool to the touch. 

4. Integrated Storage Design

“Removing upper wall cabinets has become a growing trend in the last few years, since it opens up the visual space, making the kitchen appear much larger and brighter,” Sebring says. “It allows you to utilize the countertop space more productively.”

As above-the-counter cabinets make their way out, we need to find another way to store our dishes and small appliances. Some are opting for large, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Not only does this hide kitchen clutter, but it visually blends with the other cabinets.

5. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are still as popular as they were last year and scream, “Look at me!” They create clean lines and open the area above your counters. But be warned, these may be best left for those with a knack for neatness. You can’t close the cabinet doors and hide what’s inside, which is great for showing off your stylish dishes, but can be a disaster if you need to hide clutter.

6. Cohesive Materials and Finishes

Create a seamless look by using the same material and color for the backsplash, counters and shelves. It looks chic and clean and allows you to really show off the material you carefully picked out.

The kitchen countertop trend that still reigns supreme this year is quartz. It’s durable and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for a surface that’s used daily. It also offers several different color choices and patterns to fit virtually any style.

7. Juxtaposed Metal Finishes

Metal combinations have historically been a hard no, but 2019 is the year we dare to be different. The design experts say it’s time to break the rules and mix it up – with discretion. 

Here are some kitchen cabinet hardware trends of 2019 that give you room to mix your metals:

  • Gold

  • Copper

  • Matte black

  • Polished brass

  • Champagne gold

  • Weathered finishes

  • White marble with metal accents

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